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Episode GuideEdit

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Book 1- Genosha Arc / The Sacrifice ArcEdit

Six months after an army of Saiyans invade Earth, 90% of the Earth's population is wiped out. Trunks Saiyan, living at the refugee camp at the X-Mansion, decides to take his friends and travel to the safe-haven location: Genosha. Along the way, Trunks meets up with some new and old friends and forms Team GT, as well as meeting the Saiyan Princess, Kitana. Under the order of the Saiyan Council, General Zhao and the current prince, Zuko, prepare the Saiyan army to destroy Genosha. While on the journey, Team GT encounters Ka-Zar, the Saiyan responsible for the current war. In the midst of all this, an ancient ritual calling for a Half-Saiyan is brought to attention, leading to casualities on both sides of the war.

Book 2- Cordelia Arc / The Truth (Shao Kahn) ArcEdit

Currently in a state of truce, Team GT lives on the outskirts of Republic City, while trying to adjust to life after the war. Trunks teams up with Kitana to uncover the truth of King Aknadin's death and what prompted the Saiyans to invade Earth, while learning a group of Saiyans are searching for the Dragon Balls. Cordelia, a mysterious woman that has ties with the Royal Family, attempts to contacts Trunks. Mars begins practicing Saiyan Magic, with the help of Arkon. MImi's friendship with Hannah grows deeper, while the youngest member of the Saiyan Family, Anna, grows infatuated with TK. Kitty's relationship with Lance beings to strain when Team GT learns Lance has joined the Freedom Fighters.

Book 3- Amon Arc / Rebellion ArcEdit

With the help of Trunks, Kitana begins her reign to lead the Saiyan nations after Shao Kahn's removal. A Saiyan named Amon poses a threat to the current peaceful state, while Kitana leads her troops in search of Shao Kahn, Zuko, and the missing Dragon Ball. Using Kitana's help and power, Trunks learns more about his family and searches for Hama, his maternal grandmother. Mileena, acting as a spy for Shao Kahn, slowly starts turning the tables in favor of her father.

Book 4- Time Arc / Shao Kahn ArcEdit

Finding himself on the planet of Edenia, 30 days before the invasion of Earth, Trunks tries to learn the secret in defeating Shao Kahn. Returning to present-time, Trunks searches for Team GT and learns Shao Kahn has grown in power.